General terms of use

The general terms and conditions of the web shop are composed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Electronic Commerce Act in force in the Republic of Croatia.

These general terms and conditions apply to the use of the web shop at, including all subpages and to the purchase of products available there. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the web shop. Your agreement to the terms and conditions defined here is a prerequisite for making your purchase.

We operate in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia.


The web shop available at was established by Bali d.o.o., whose registered office is at Trg republike 3, HR40328 Donja Dubrava, Croatia, registered with the Commercial Court in Varaždin under (MBS) 01570501, OIB 60041878672, VATID HR60041878672 (hereinafter referred to as ‘Bali d.o.o’ or ‘Seller’). If you have any questions, you can contact us at the e-mail address or on the contact information provided on the page in the ‘Contacts’ box.

Bali d.o.o. provides web shop service at The service consists of providing information services, content management, conducting financial transactions, selling goods between users of the web shop, i.e. between the Buyer and the Seller, and arranging the delivery of sale items. Web shop service can be used on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and in all countries of the European Union.

You accept these General Terms and Conditions electronically when confirming your web shop order. We also encourage you to read both the Data Protection Rules as well as the Cookies Policy LINK, as these documents also apply to the use of the web shop.

The Buyer, as a user, agrees to use the web shop solely in accordance with the positive regulations for reviewing the published contents, buying the available products by submitting legally valid orders and communicating with the Seller. web shop services do not include the costs you incur by using computer equipment and other electronic equipment (electronic devices) and access to the balidoo web shop service. Bali d.o.o. is not responsible for the costs of the telephone, data traffic or any other costs that may be incurred in ordering or browsing the content of the web shop and using the services provided there.


A valid version of the General Terms and Conditions for using the web shop is always considered the version published on this site. In the event of a dispute, the version in force at the time of the purchase will be applied and with which you, as the customer, have expressed your consent at the time of placing the order.

This is to notify you that there is a possibility of occasional changes to the General Terms and Conditions of use of the web shop to comply with changes in the law and / or our business processes. We are not technically able to notify every user of any changes, so we recommend that you read this text when reusing the web shop to familiarize yourself with possible changes.

Bali d.o.o. reserves the right to modify or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) any of the products or services it provides, as well as to change the content of the web shop, without prior approval or notice, subject to good business practices.


When browsing the contents of the web shop, you can freely choose the items you want and add them to your cart. This action is in no way binding. Once you have selected the desired items and are sure you want to buy them, you begin the ordering process, during which you enter all the information required to complete the order, confirm your agreement with the General terms and conditions of use of the web shop, and depending on the payment method selected, make payment. The actions you take and confirm during the order submission process are considered to be a contract of sale and, as such, are binding.

The price of the product listed on the web shop includes VAT (VAT) and is an invitation for customers to buy the goods at that price. The ordered goods are delivered according to the prices and conditions valid on the web shop on the day of placing the order, regardless of the prices and conditions valid on the day of delivery.

These General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Online Sales Purchase Agreement.

After you place an order using the web shop interface, you will receive an automatically generated order receipt (hereinafter ‘Confirmation’) on the email address you entered in the ordering process. The Seller does not consider the acknowledgment of receipt of the order as confirmation of the conclusion of the contract of sale, but is solely a document confirming the receipt of the order.

The seller reserves the right to refuse the order received if, due to exceptional circumstances, he is unable to order according to the quality standards of the wen shop The seller is not obliged to enter into a contract of sale on the basis of the received order in case he is unable to fully fulfil the obligations under the contract. The contract of sale by the seller is considered to have been concluded at the time of dispatch of the goods of which you will be informed by a special e-mail.


All prices for products on the web shop are expressed in Croatian Kuna (HRK), with the equivalent in Euros (EUR) shown and include VAT. The equivalent in Euros (EUR) is calculated according to the valid central rate of the CROATIAN NATIONAL BANK. The exact amount in euros (EUR) depends on the valid exchange rate of the end-user bank at the time of payment. Product prices are the same for all payment types and are visible on the product page and in the cart when ordering. The price of the product does not include the shipping cost, which is calculated separately in the last step of the order after the customer enters the desired delivery address, unless the conditions for free delivery are fulfilled (order of products above 350 Euros, converted into HRK according to the valid central rate of CROATIAN NATIONAL BANK at the time of order confirmation). The seller reserves the right to change the price without notice.

In exceptional cases of administrative errors in the pricing of products on the website of the web shop,  we are under no obligation to enter into a contract of sale on adverse terms. If this is the case, we will offer you to buy the product at the right price, without the obligation to accept such an offer. In the event that you do not accept the offer, the amount paid will be refunded if your payment has been previously made.

The Products remain the property of the Seller until receipt of the full payment under the Purchase Agreement, regardless of whether the goods have been delivered.

You can make a payment by Bank transfer.

* The seller reserves the right and guarantees the buyer a refund if the product is no longer available.